Novello, village of the Langhe territory

Novello (the name originates from “NOVAE VILLAE”) is one of the eleven municipalities of the Langhe territory which are allowed to produce Barolo wine. Novello lies on the top of a hill, 471 meters above sea level. To the West, where the slope declines towards the Tanaro river, lies Casa Baricalino. 

The unique landscape of Novello offers to his visitors history, art, hiking tracks through the vineyards, where you can discover rural chapels and roadside shrines, and of course the genuine cuisine of the Langhe.

Wine elevates soul and thoughts, and worries leave the human heart.

Pindaro (about 518 B.C. – about 438 B.C.)



Land of Nas-cetta, a story of love and redemption

The first documents attesting the existence of the Nas-cetta (or “anascetta”) described a marvellous wine. In 1877 the scholar Giuseppe dei Conti di Rovasenda defined it as “a very delicate grape and a delicious wine”.

The first steps towards the revival of this wine grape were taken in the early ’90s. From that time onward, a lot of other steps were taken and nowadays the Nas-cetta is numbered among the best white wines of the Langhe area. This is mainly thanks to the winemakers who, following their pioneer, strongly believed in this expression of their identity. In 2010 the wine variety was finally recognized and the Langhe Nas-cetta di Novello got the DOC label (Registered Designation of Origin). In the Langhe area there are about 40 hectares of Nas-cetta vineyards, one third of them in the Novello municipality. Its identity is strongly connected to the village and local wine business have the exclusive labelling “LANGHE NAS-CETTA DEL COMUNE DI NOVELLO”.

That is all thanks to the land, a inseparable combination of soil, climate, grape variety and human skill, but also to wine-makers’ perseverance: without them, these goals would not have been achieved.

Three hectares all around the house
450 above sea level
Sant’Agata marl (mostly marly with stripes of sand and fine sediment and a high presence of clay)

What makes it different from other places,
is that you can share a family plan.

A unique experience in close contact with the land

Staying in our rooms and drinking our wine will give you the possibility to live cherished moments and exchange emotions and opinions.

Take a seat at our tables in the garden, around the pool, with a glass of our Barolo or of Nas-cetta, after a visit in the wine cellar, and enjoy the view of the vineyards right down to the mountains.

What more could you ask for?